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Import Services - Import Outsourcing and Consultancy - Unicomex
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Import Outsourcing and Consultancy

For outsourcing of operations is used import mode “import for account and order of third parties”.

Using this service offered by Unicomex, you are complying with local legislation as importer and for customer acting as his import department (outsourcing). To import and resell goods only is not permitted for trading companies in Brazil. Client always need to be stated as buyer in Commercial Invoice and import declaration, for which is necessary to be registered at SISCOMEX. Import and distribution of goods is an exception.

When outsourcing imports to Unicomex, specialists will take about operation and client will be able to focus on his business. We have a professional team updated with latest local import legislation and requirements, providing a safe and smooth operation, avoiding fines and delays.

Unicomex also offers a complete logistic service “door to door”, picking up goods at factory and delivering them custom cleared to client in Brazil. Through our calculations “Pré-Cálculo” (estimating import costs) and “Pós-Cálculo” (stating effective import costs), customer has total control over occurring costs and feasibility of import.

Outsourcing imports, reduction of fix cost and client focusing on his main targets is essential for any business success. Request a quote!