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Import Services - Registration at Customs Service (SISCOMEX) - Unicomex
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Registration at Customs Service (SISCOMEX)

Registration of importers in Brazil at SISCOMEX is required by Customs Service (Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil – RFB), for every company which intends to operate in foreign trade. SISCOMEX (Sistema Integrado de Comércio Exterior) is a system that controls all imports and exports of goods and respective financial transactions in Brazil.

Every import or export declaration has to be registered at SISCOMEX, also called RADAR (Registro e Rastreamento da Atuação dos Intervenientes Aduaneiros). In order to qualify a company for this registration it is necessary to make a specific process, where Customs Service exams if company is duly registered at local authorities, has adequate financial and operational capacity to realize intended imports

There are three different types of possible registration, expressa (express), limitada (limited) and ilimitada (unlimited), which depend on type of company (corporation or limited) and amounts to be imported. All types have unlimited validity, provided company imports on a regular basis.

This registration is also necessary, if import operation is outsourced, using import mode “importação por conta e ordem de terceiros” (import for account and order of third parties).

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