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Import Services - Siscoserv Registration - Unicomex
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Siscoserv Registration

SISCOSERV is an integrated system of foreign service trade where all transactions, sales and purchases of intangibles and other operations among foreign and Brazilian companies have to be declared. A few examples of this type of operations as follows:

Services: Legal, accountancy, auditing, engineering, customs clearance, civil construction, transport, credit analysis, research and development, consultancy, photography, training etc.

Intangibles: Registration of patents and brands; protection of cultivars (plant varieties), licensing of intellectual property, franchising, software etc.

Other operations: Food delivery, leasing, financial revenues of stock market etc.

At SISCOSERV must be registered finalized service or delivery of intangible good and effected payment or receipt of agreed amount in foreign convertible currency. Authorities might applicate fines for none declaration of international operations, for its wrong classification and missed registration deadlines.

We offer classification of operations and there declarations at SISCOSERV, according to local legislation, avoiding penalties and fines for your company in Brazil.

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