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Unicomex - Unicomex
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We have serveral special registrations at governmental authorities:

Enviromental Protection Institute

• Receita Federal
Customs Service
Special IPI registration

Ministério da Agricultura
Ministry of Agriculture

Ministério da Saúde
Ministry of Health

essencial for particular operations in foreign trade.


Unicomex is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a foreign trade company with tradition in importing and exporting.

Founded in 1992 we provide services of import and export consultancy, product sourcing, advisement in import and export regulation and outsourcing of operations.

We show our clients how to import and export to and from Brazil in an efficient way, helping them to avoid risks which may occur due to nature of business, guide them safely through entanglement of foreign trade. Transparency, quickness and flexibility are the main features of our services. Unicomex offers customized solutions and special projects for each client.

Unicomex also offers a complete logistic service “door to door”, including pick up at factory and delivering goods duly custom cleared to client in Brazil. Upon request we can also provide container unstuffing, paletization, repacking and distribution at our warehouse.

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